Karvd Custom Pumpkin Carving

Welcome to karvd.com

karvd is a showcase for the work I do with pumpkins and, more recently, watermelons. But forget those triangle-eyed things or the dancing skeleton with a goofy smile from some pattern book. My carvings come to life with realistic faces and elaborate scenes that add a certain flair to special events or even just the front porch.

With just a simple photo I can transfer your subject's likeness into a glowing masterpiece that will leave everyone asking "How'd you do that?" From there it's up to you to spin a tale about your time as a secret agent. The one where your only chance for survival was to carve a convincing representation of Gorbachev into a pumpkin so you could wear it on your head and pass through the security checkpoint. Boy, that was harrowing. And now everyone's impressed at your pumpkin and your secret life as a spy. You can't lose.

Learn more about what I can offer you or you may contact me to get the process started.