Karvd Custom Pumpkin Carving

Custom Carving Services

If you're interested in purchasing a carving of your own you may contact me and request my services. These carvings are perfect for special occasions such as weddings or corporate events and also serve as a great way to impress neighbors and visitors to your home.

I am located in Boston and can provide carvings in real pumpkins or watermelons for people in the area. For those living elsewhere, I also offer carvings that are made in artificial pumpkins that look very much like the real thing. Unlike real pumpkins, these things don't rot and they can be more easily shipped. Your carving can last from year to year and be reused as many times as you like. To see more about these artificial pumpkins check out the webpage for Funkins.

These carvings are a craft that require a great deal of time, patience, and skill. As such they cannot be offered cheaply but, given their unique nature, they add a touch of distinction to your home or event that will leave everyone talking. Imagine the look on the faces of your guests as they are greeted by a glowing portrait of a loved one that has been finely carved into a pumpkin. But the options don't end with realistic-looking portraits. Corporate logos, theme-based scenes, and much more are all possible. You can view my gallery for some ideas of what can be created for you.