Karvd Custom Pumpkin Carving

Carving Tips

This area is dedicated to helping you with your own pumpkin carvings by sharing the tips and tricks I've picked up over the years.


When you pick out your pumpkin it’s all about finding one that matches your needs. Choose one that will allow for the best fit for your pattern. If you’re carving a face then you should probably go for one that has a shape similar to a head; one that’s taller than it is wide.

Also, the ideal pumpkin will have a surface that is smooth and slightly flatter in the area where you want to apply the pattern. Keep in mind that you’ll be transferring the pattern by placing a sheet of paper over the surface of the pumpkin. The less you need to bend and wrap the paper, the easier it will be to copy the pattern over and the better your results will be.

Naturally, you should avoid pumpkins that have disease, cracks, bruises, missing stems, or scarring but you could probably figure that out on your own. Unless of course you want your carving to have some nasty scar down the middle. Might make it look more badass. In fact, see if you can find one with a tattoo while you're looking.

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